Company Welfare & Social Innovation

Dear readers,

in the next few pages I am going to talk to you about an extraordinary event which took place on today’s date at Bocconi University of Milan. The so-called “Salone della CSR e dell’Innovazione Sociale” was a great event which gave me the possibility to grow and learn a lot about the topics of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation.

I’ve written about CSR long ago on this blog, and CSR will be the main topic of my master thesis/dissertation which I am writing these days. Corporate Social Responsibility is an important area of business which can help companies become more profitable in a sustainable way – that means cooperating toward the achievement of social and sustainable goals, working everyday in a sustainable manner in order to be a perfect example of what means acting responsibly.

In today’s conference I had the extraordinary opportunity to meet several CSR Managers and Communication Directors who operate in MNEs (multinational enterprises) and even in SMEs (small and medium enterprises). In Italy, almost 80% of enterprises which operate toward the achievement of a perfect economic stability of this country involves small and medium enterprises.

Generali is a major Italian insurance company which gave full-employment opportunities to almost 8,000 workers. Operating on the economic and philanthropic level with the help of company stakeholders is essential for the company overall well-being and economic stability. Generali the right example of how companies today can act responsibly in order to achieve great results on several areas of expertise.

Generali is a real leader within the Italian insurance marketplace. Companies should always get new ways of innovation for themselves under every point of view. Companies are a real ecosystem, where people are the most important asset of all!


Making great investments on employees who work within the company can lead to enormous employees’ satisfaction and well-being. Everyone is struggling with the concept of “work-life balance”. Employees usually want to spend more time with their families on the weekends while working hard during the week for their company.

Employees’ Welfare has become an essential part of companies overall activities. Improving employees’ satisfaction and well-being can lead to tremendous amount of energy and positive attitude toward the company and to a real competitive advantage. Welfare initiatives can be considered as something which propels and strengthens the company well-being.

Small and Medium enterprises represent almost 80% of Italian economic productivity. But at the same time Company Welfare is still not so common to find within small and medium businesses.

The so-called “Walfare Index PMI” which was shared today at the conference at Bocconi University wants to be a new way leading to spreading the level of awareness which is related to this subject. Company  Welfare culture can be spread all over Italy trying to engage SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to do more for their employees.

This link will bring you to the analysis of how corporations operate today and will operate in the future in terms of Company Welfare.

Within the website you can find new ways of measuring your (of your company) level of Welfare. Your data will be used to create a new Research for the year 2017 – Welfare Index PMI 2017.

The research is conducted by an important organization which operates in Market Research – Innovation Team. In order to participate to the initiative you can access the link above and start your new path to knowing what the level of Company’s Welfare of your organization.

This initiative is sponsored by Generali Italia, with the partnership of Confindustria, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato and Confprofessioni.

This edition of the research will close on the 8th of March with a public event where the Index group will show the results gained through the research and the best companies which have a high level of Company Welfare will be rewarded.

I hope this post will be helpful to you in order to become curious about what’s going on in the whole world about the topic of Company Welfare.

Please, tell me something about your country’s welfare policies and I’ll be sure to follow up with you!



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