Brief AXA Italia – Strategic Marketing Activity

Protection is the primary mission of AXA Group, one of the leading insurance companies in the world. Their mission is to help their customers to face with calmness everyday activities, trying to give people help in building up new projects.

Interbrand 2015 awarded AXA as the first global brand operating in the insurance sector. AXA relies on a highly professional network of workers and agents worldwide. Protecting people means being helpful towards customers who are facing everyday risks. The insurance company provides a large scale of products and services, such as: BUILDING INSURANCE, HEALTH INSURANCE, SAVINGS INSURANCE as well as LONG-TERM CARE.

Courage, Innovation, Coherence are the three key words for AXA Group. We’re living in a fast-moving society in which “protection” means a lot. Protecting people is the core business aim of AXA, being careful, highly reliable and available in every situation.

Solid, Responsible, Innovative, Attractive, Expert, Different: those are the main attributes that describe AXA as a brand.

The insurance company’s target involves men and women (25-65 years old), but there’s an increasing consideration towards millennials, startups and entrepreneurs.

Data defined a level of penetration within the insurance sector very low among women. That’s probably because of the high-standing role of men within the family. Women also have a more preoccupied vision about their future and their children’s.

Women are more aware of the risks that they face in everyday life. Women also share among them the willingness to protect their family. They’re very careful and preoccupied about their children’s future.

Data about the socio-economic changes in the female gender provide a series of important considerations. According to a study provided by Allianz, called “Women, Money and Power” the company came to the point of tracking some interesting insights:

  • Women are today considered the Chief Financial Officer of their households
  • The modern family has put more demands on women
  • Women are hungry for knowledge about retirement planning
  • “Bag lady” fears persist among even the most successful women
  • Women are being underserved by the financial industry

In economic matters, the balance of power appears to be shifting toward women. Today, 57% of women say they have more earning power than ever before – that’s particularly true in the US and Europe.

Female entrepreneurs also represent a large  and growing market. Despite persistent gender gaps, women globally earn and own more than ever: Their income is projected to increase globally from US$9.8 trillion in 2007 to US$15.6 trillion by 2017. Women’s incomes are also expected to grow faster than men’s and women are expected to control nearly 75 percent of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028.

One of the most important factors in achieving happiness in life is Peace of Mind.

In the EU there’s been a large gap between women and men for what concerns premiums payment. Women are nowadays considered more risk-aware of men, and then insurance companies decided to implement different prices for insurance products for women.

Everything changed when Test-Achats, the Belgian Consumers’ Association decided to present a case on that topic, regarding gender inequality.

Since 2012 all insurance companies need to implement the same prices both to women or men.

Women are an increasing segment and a big way to make business for insurance companies.

Especially women entrepreneurs, who own one-third of the business globally, represent a strong growth opportunity for insurers.

AXA is a real case about creating value for customers, and other insurance companies should follow and take advantage of the great power of the Women segment.


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