Best Customer Satisfaction Online Rankings

Today’s companies face tough competition and things will only get harder. In order to succeed in today’s competitive markets, companies have to move from a “product and selling philosophy” to a “customer and marketing philosophy”. Today all is about meeting and satisfying customer needs. Consumers are becoming more educated and demanding, and their quality expectations have been raised by the practices of superior manufacturers and retailers.

To succeed or simply to survive, companies need a new philosophy. To win in today’s marketplace, companies must be customer-centred. They must deliver superior value to their target customers.

Too many companies think that obtaining customers is the job of the marketing and sales department. But winning companies have come to realise that marketing cannot do this job alone. It’s true that marketing plays an important role in gathering new prospects, but it’s also true that even the best marketing department in the world has no chance at selling poorly made products that fail to meet customers’ needs. Companies should embrace today a new system, the so-called “customer value-delivery system”. Creating customers can be a difficult task.

Customers today have the great possibility to face a vast array of product and brand choices, prices and suppliers. But customers are value-maximizers, that means that they will choose the marketing offer that gives them the most value. At the same time, they compare the actual value they receive in consuming the product to the value expected – this affects their satisfaction and repurchase behavior.

satisfaction survey

So, customers usually buy from the firm that they believe offers the highest customer delivered value. Consumers also form judgments about the value of marketing offers and make their buying decisions based upon their judgments. Everyone of us can experience a different level of satisfaction.

I’ve recently bought an I-Phone and I’m the first person who’s been highly conditioned by the “brand image” of the firm we’re talking about – Apple. Actually, after several months of usage of such device, I can admit that I received a good-quality product, high-performing but at the same time I’d say there are lots of several mobile phones with better functional features on the market that I would choose, “knowing what I now know” about I-Phone 5S. This doesn’t want to be absolutely a critique addressed to Apple’s devices, but I am the living example of what customer satisfaction is all about.

So, what’s your expectation about your next purchasing decision? Is there anything you’d like to buy in the near future that will be chosen by yourself taking into account some particular expectations you already have?

Magazines and consumers’ associations often conduct independent surveys.

At the following link you’ll find a list of Customer Satisfaction Rankings.

Now, what’s your experience? Are you a thoroughly satisfied customer in every part of your buying decisions? J



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