New Insights For Marketers

Marketing is supposed to drive business strategy. The number one activity that marketers all over the world should do is to continuously search for new opportunities for the company and carefully apply segmentation, targeting and positioning which are the three fundamental factors of any marketing strategy. After segmentation, targeting and positioning, the next step is … Continue reading New Insights For Marketers


Brands In The B2B World

Brands are an important part of all cultures worldwide. They’re actually a cultural asset but they’re also an important asset in the business world. Brands help people make decisions. They enable people to trust several companies and organizations that create and deliver products and services. One of the most relevant factor that affects people’s perception … Continue reading Brands In The B2B World

Value Creation For Customers

Dear readers, marketing is no longer the responsibility of a single department. It’s the company as a whole which should drive its vision, mission and strategic planning. All departments should work together to achieve customer goals. That means one key factor of success: cooperation. Internal marketing requires vertical alignment with senior management and horizontal alignment … Continue reading Value Creation For Customers

Shopping Behavior Analysis

Dear readers, In the last few days I’ve been interested in the analysis of how, when and why people purchase products and services. What really affects shopping behavior and what pushes people to make buying decisions in certain categories and subcategories of products? Today there’s a new subject which is called Neuroshopping which has the … Continue reading Shopping Behavior Analysis